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Software for tournaments

Easy way to handle table tennis tournaments


We are a small company located in Zagreb, big enthusiasts and fans of table tennis. After 10 years and countless digitalisation projects that we have done, we decided to design a software solution for table tennis tournaments. Basis for our software were paper sheets that have been used for such events.

Our desire to enhance the quality of recreational table tennis events has been fruitful. Tournaments that we have organised for several months in a "Prečko" gym in Zagreb were accepted by community for its dimension of how everything is organised, processed and displayed. Large number of table tennis players from Croatia , and other countries, enjoyed the tournaments for which they had lots of excitement.

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Table Tennis Center Zagreb recognized the software solution as a quality basis for the development of recreational table tennis in HR and beyond. The software solution brings a new level of fun to tournament competitions. It is adapted for use in any sporting environment that has a desire to connect quality table tennis competitions with anyone who has a true passion for this phenomenal game.

Organization of the tournament

Simple, quick and easy organization of table tennis tournaments

TV functionality

Presentation of the current state of the tournament via TV for tournament participants


Sending email notifications to those interested in receiving current information about tournaments


Ranking list, overview of wins and losses, overview of all matches per player, coefficient of success


Achievements accomplished


Individual players


Hours of sports activity

Average player per tournament

Software details





Image gallery


Tv overview


Web 2


Ranking list


Tournament type


Numbered tables view


Main page




User interface



Price is per single tournament and does not include tournament management. Initial application setup includes one hour of training for tournament manager

Up to 16 players

13,5 (100 kn / 13,5 eur)

Up to 32 players

27 (200 kn / 27 eur)

Up to 48 players

40,5 (300 kn / 40,5 eur)

Up to 64 players

54 (400 kn / 54 eur)

Up to 80 players

67,5 (500 kn / 67,5 eur)

Up to 96 players

81 (600 kn / 81 eur)

Up to 112 players

94,5 (700 kn / 94,5 eur)

Up to 128 players

108 (800 kn / 108 eur)

Up to 144 players

121,5 (900 kn / 121,5 eur)

Up to 160 players

135 (1000 kn / 135 eur)

Frequently asked questions

Here we describe the details of the entire process, from the initial interest of the user, to the full independent use of the software solution.

  • After I request to set up a tournament, how long do I have to wait for everything to be ready?

    After the email request to set up the tournament, we will contact you by phone as soon as possible in order to agree on the details and determine the direction of using the software solution. Inquiries can also be made by phone. The whole process can take a maximum of 24 hours.

  • Depending on the user's wishes and needs, the tournament space can be rented without using a specially adapted online place for online processing, which is especially suitable for tournaments that do not take place very often. If it is about continuous tournament competitions, we will create a special online place for users, with the name chosen by the user, and all tournament competitions will have their own resources.

  • Each client with a separate software solution uses online pages where they can independently place ads related to sponsorships and partnerships




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